"Her words form crisp, clear inspirational images. These transport to a level where bliss dances, twirls with a higher ethereal energy. Encapsulated in shapes, they become bubbles or drops that contain entire metaphysical universes. These gems glitter, bring delight to senses, mind and soul." - Lana Deym Cambell

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STOP PRESS! Two beautiful new books by Melody Lemond have now been released! For more information on the new mystical, soulful novel  'Scarlet Fan' click here.

New directions in Poetry

Melody Lemond breaks new ground with her innovative exploration of sculptured textual shape in which poems not only have lyrical and metaphysical depth and expressiveness but a flowing physical beauty. Her second book of Poem Shapes has just been released. You can read about and buy this beautiful new book of exqusite, mystical "shaped poetry" here.


Concrete Poetry

Poem Shapes are in the tradition of Concete Poetry. Concrete poetry or shape poetry is poetry in which the typographical arrangement of words is as important in conveying the intended effect as the conventional elements of the poem, such as meaning of words, rhythm, rhyme and so on. It is sometimes referred to as visual poetry, a term that has evolved to have distinct meaning of its own, but which shares the distinction of being poetry in which the visual elements are as important as the text.


A Multi-layered Poetic Experience

Shape poems combine the literary thrill of poetry with the visual charge of drawing or sketching. Words and images come together to convey what neither could alone. Those talented in both arts find in shape poems a wonderful medium that allows them to express both visual and literary talents at once. Melody Lemond's work is an exquisite example of this multidisiplinary artform.


A Unique Artist

The exceptionally eye-catching form of these sculptured poem is reinforced by the use of metaphysical expressionism, alliteration, and a sensitive, celebratory way with words.