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Seamoon : Poem Shapes

Oct 23,2011 Written by 
Published in Sea Moon - Poem Shapes

Brilliant new publication of beautifully illustrated original shaped poems by Melody Lemond. Reviewed by Gillian Prew.

"The elegance of Melody Lemond's work lies not only in the beautiful shapes she creates but the words themselves are enfused with the ebb and flow of contemplatiove life. Melody lives with nature, but more importantly: IN nature.

The pull of the moon, the draw of the sea, a communion woith more than is visible to the naked eye, all serve the serene lyricism of her poetry. There is a becoming, and an overcoming, in her writing that inspires the reader to believe that they can achieve something more than much of what the harshness of humanity has to offer. This collection of words, shapes, paintings is a gift." Gillian Prew.

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Melody Lemond

Byron Bay based poet, writer and jewellery artisan.


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