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Mirror Sea

Sep 17,2013 Written by 
Published in New Poem Shapes

New expressive poem shape, 2013

of leaf
sunlit green
shifts its glance now 
beyond my mirror's scope
leaving no trace but the sound
of wind chime and glint of sun catcher
caught within its circular starfish frame
one by one i have collected these shells
eighteen in all with arms outstretched
 bordered firm with lacquered rope
designed perhaps to bind us
to ocean's roar and wrath
through surface calm
leading us home
via illusions
to linger
and get lost
we must penetrate
gently and with motive clear
the pristine surface of our mirror-sea
diving deeply beyond shadow of so-called risks
to be free of doubt and fear and to simply see ourselves
standing pure and perfect in all our projected mirror images

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Melody Lemond

Byron Bay based poet, writer and jewellery artisan.


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